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نرخ ارز

    پرتلت نرخ ارز در دسترس نمی باشد

Iran’s non-oil exports up by four times in five years

The President made the remarks here Tuesday morning in a meeting with the exemplary and top laborers from all over the country.

He said the growth in the volume of non-oil exports in the past years which has now reached dlrs 30 billion proves the fact that Iranians “are a capable nation.”

He also noted the country needed to make a gigantic move in exploiting its all resources to gain the level of dlrs 45 billion in non-oil exports this year.

Stressing the capacities and huge capabilities of the country, President Ahmadinejad said to gain their goals in developing the country, the nation needed hard work and creativity.

He further referred to the removing problems in the housing sector as the government’s major agenda.


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